A Guide to Extraction Systems

A Guide to Extraction Systems

Hey there, Sunless Beauty Boss!

Whether you are a mobile Spray Tan Artist or an in-salon professional, you need to be using some sortof extraction system to pull the overspray of your sunless solutions out of the air. Reducing the overspray in your tanning sessions will not only create a healthier breathing environment but will also produce a more even tan by reducing over saturation, especially for the hands and feet of your client.


Since there are no long-tem scientific studies about the effects of DHA internally, you definitely want to do all that you can to protect not only yourself, but your clients as well. It is recommended to pair a face mask of some sort with an efficient extraction system for optimal protection. Be sure to offer your client any and all FDA recommended disposables to protect them as well.


In this post, I will go over a few of the extraction systems I have utilized in my own businesses sowhether you are mobile or in a salon space, you will have the information you need for your business.


For the Mobile-Artist or Spraying in A “Tent-Tanning”

If you are currently spraying with a pop-up spray tan tent, you will notice that the tent itself has aVelcro hole in the back of it located near the bottom. This hole is specifically meant for a mobile extraction machine to sit on the out-site of the tent. There are two main types of equipment that most Sunless Artists can utilize. 

The Wave Extractor Fan - This machine is probably the most common mobile extraction fan. It is the perfect size to fit in the back of your tanning tent and comes with a removable, washable filter. For an extraction fan, the machine is relatively quiet and extremely user friendly. Costing around $150, the Wave Extraction Fan is relatively cost efficient and can be carried easily around to mobile appointments or wherever you have your tan tent set up. The only down size to this system is that it can get messy. Since the face of this machine is a plastic removable cover, sunless solution will grip onto the surface. You also will need to clean it pretty often for it to work most efficiently and the removable filter can take some time to dry.
Box Fan Set-Up  If you are looking for a relatively cheaper option or don't like the setup of the Wave Unit, then you may be interested in a "DIY" version of solution extraction. I personally have not used this in my business but I know countless artist who have and love this solution. All you need is a simple box-fan and a filter to match the size of your fan. You filters can be disposable but I would recommend grabbing a washable filter to cut down on disposable costs. From here, you can velcro or zip tie the filters onto the front of the fan with the air flow arrow pointing towards the fan. Once you have your fan set up, simply place it outside the back of your tent and voila you have an extraction fan!

This is a great option for any artist just starting out or even can be used as a backup if your other extraction units fail.


Extraction Booths

An extraction unit is going to be your more "professional" system and is great for high-volume sunlessartists. These systems are going to be a bit more expensive but typically have more than one filtration fan rather than the one unit. Some extraction systems are fairly large and are not easily movable so they are not ideal for any artist that service mobile appointments. Below, I will talk to you about the two Extraction booths I have used in my business and the systems that I rely on currently in my business.


Norvell Overspray Reduction Booth - $2,600+

This system was the very first extraction booth I put into my Sunless Salon Suite. This system features four washable filtration units with beautiful mirrored backdrops and a covered top to increase overspray reduction. You can definitely say, this machine is aesthetically pleasing. However, this booth is fairly large and pretty noisy on top of that. When this machine was first delivered to the Suite my business was in, my Father-in-Law and I had to take the door off my room and disassemble the machine just to get it to fit into a standard room. It was a ton of work to say the least. In all honesty, the majority of our clients also could not stand the mirrored backdrop but as a technician, it was nice to be able to look at them using the mirrors to have conversations. If you are considering this system, make sure you have plenty of room (and a corner wall to put it in) & be prepared to have to clean the mirrors on a consistent basis because they can and will get dirty.


SprayGon Extraction Machine - $2,500+

Let me just go ahead and say, the SprayGon units will by far be my favorite system to use on the market currently. With sleek-customizable designs and easy to move around machines, this is the most versatile extraction machine with the power to back it up! These are the systems we currently use in my salon and the overspray reduction is absolutely outstanding. With our wipeable paint in our spray rooms, we barely have any overspray on our walls or work shelves. The SprayGon features two 20x20 extraction fans with removable, washable filters. SprayGon Away is the only system available with an impressive 12,000CFM airflow rating. This is one of the quietest machines that I have worked with, making it easy to hold conversations with your clients. It also has a pretty small frame so it fits great in small spaces and can easily be moved around for cleaning or to take with you for mobile-event tanning. We were able to take one of our SprayGon machines to our branding shoot and everyone there was amazed that we were able to load it and unload it off of my husbands truck with ease. These systems also have plug-in's on the back of the machine which are great for your HVLP or Airbrush systems to be plugged into. Lastly, the sleek design of the machine's panels allow for easy wipe-ability and look stunning in any salon space. 

Although I have only personally had two types of extraction booths, I have had the privilege of working with other sunless artists/businesses who have owned other types of systems and I would say personally, I have not found anything that works as well as the SprayGon systems.

I have also seen many "DIY" extraction booth's in the industry that are customized to their space and this is a great solution if you know you won't be moving in the near future or if you are not in a salon-suite rental.


If you are in a salon space of any sort, whether it be small or large, you will definitely want to look into the Wen Air Filtration System. I wouldn't necessarily classify this as your spray tan extraction machine, however I would say this is your second stage air purifier. You can suspend this machine directly from your ceiling or can place it anywhere in your tanning room behind/around your extraction machine and it will pull in any overspray along with any dirt/dust in your rooms. It truly is amazing what all this machine can absorb into its filters and I truly believe it has helped keep the "spray tan smell" out of our salon. The machine is relatively quiet and powered by a remote so you are able to turn it off/on as needed. You can purchase this machine online or you can most times get it at your local hardware store, such as Home Depot.



I truly hope this mini-guide has given you some clarity on why you should have an extraction system of some kind in your salon or sunless business and possibly given you more insight into which system is best for you! There are many kinds of extraction booths and systems on the market, so before you buy, I personally recommend to do your research, ask around to other sunless artists (especially to those that use the systems you are interested in) and take into consideration your space and the growth of your business.


Until next time, keep GLOWING sunless babes!

xo, Whitney 

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